spare bedroom at Freedom Village Senior Living

Our Favorite Ways to Utilize a Spare Bedroom

When you’re moving into a senior living community, you may have a choice regarding apartment sizes. One key difference in some apartments is the number of bedrooms. While you may think you only need one, you should consider the perks of having a spare bedroom.

“Having a spare room opens a lot of opportunities to make your apartment as unique and versatile as possible,” says Jennifer Suckiel, Executive Director of Freedom Village, a senior living community in Lake Forest, California. “Our Delaware floor plan is the perfect option for someone who wants to live in an apartment with a spare room.”

You may enjoy having a spare room for the space–but how can you use it? These ideas for a spare room will give you inspiration on how to choose the perfect use for your spare bedroom.

Home Theater

If you love watching movies, hosting movie nights, or streaming live events like sports, then having a room designated for it would be a great use of your spare room.

You can get black-out curtains to see the screen – something you may not want in your standard living room so sunlight gets in. Depending on your preference, you can pair a projector or large TV with a quality sound system. Add a mini fridge to store drinks and other snacks.

Decorating a home theater can be so much fun. Framed movie posters, ticket stubs, and the classic red and white striped popcorn boxes will tie the room together.


Book lovers often have shelves stacked with their collections. Having your own reading room with your books can offer you a quiet and cozy oasis. Be sure to add a reading lamp and a comfortable chair.

You can also add speakers to the library to play audiobooks and podcasts. Placing your speaker or a record player in the corner could be a fun accent that also gives use to the the room as a music room. Or, add in an Amazon Alexa device and just ask for your favorite tunes to be played!

Art Studio

Do you love expressing your creativity? You can turn your spare room into your personal art studio.

Hobbies like sewing or arts and crafts are so much fun – but they do require equipment and supplies. With a spare room, you have plenty of storage space to organize your crafting tools neatly and have a spacious work table.


Having a home office is often associated with working from home and is one of the most popular room ideas when you have extra space. If you like a designated area to use a computer, journal, or take care of tasks, then having a quiet and tidy home office is something you should consider.

A home office will likely still have some space left over. You can use one half of the room for your desk and the other as a yoga studio. You’ll have plenty of room to roll out your yoga mat and have a quiet space to meditate and stretch.

If you have a furry friend, you may want to place a bed for your pet in the office. This way, they’re not in the middle of your living space, and they have a quiet space to go to if you have company.

Guest Room

Many people use a spare room as an extra bedroom. When you have overnight guests, they have their own designated space that makes it easy to host, as everyone has their own spot to sleep.

This will make it so easy for family members to visit–and you can even plan regular sleepovers with the grandchildren. Being able to share your apartment with visiting friends and family will be so special, and you’ll never have to worry about space.

If you don’t want to make the room a guest bedroom, you can make it an extra sitting room and put a sofa bed that can turn into an extra sleeping option when you have guests.

Dining Room

You can convert your spare room into a separate dining room. This gives you a place to host guests for meals and conversation. You can also use the space as a game room where everyone can gather around the table with plenty of space for a game board, cards, snacks, and drinks.

When it comes to decor ideas for a dining room, you can make it as formal or casual as you want. You may like neutral tones, a dining table set, and curtains that accent the color scheme. Or you could create an eclectic dining area with mismatched furniture, antiques, and jewel tones.

Explore the Apartments at Freedom Village

Freedom Village has different residence options, so you can find the one that suits you best. No matter what your needs or your hobbies are, there are plenty of reasons a two-bedroom apartment is perfect for your senior living experience.

Having a spare room gives you an opportunity to be creative and design a unique space that you can enjoy each and every day. You’ll love showing your friends and family members how you’ve made the space your own–and they’ll look forward to when you invite them back! Call us to learn more.