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The Best Valentine’s Crafts for Seniors

How do you spread the love on Valentine’s Day? The holiday itself serves as a heartwarming reminder to show those closest to you just how much you love them – and in our opinion – handmade Valentine’s Day crafts are much more meaningful than flowers and chocolates.

At Freedom Village, senior living residents take part in many fun activities, including arts and crafts, during different holidays. Do you need some ideas when it comes to fun Valentine’s Day activities for seniors? Below is a list of crafts and activities and the benefits that come with them.

Follow along and embrace your creativity!

The Benefits of Activities and Socialization for Seniors

Did you know that partaking in activities – especially in the company of others – can help ease the aging process? According to the National Institute on Aging, older adults who live an active and engaged lifestyle “are less likely to develop certain diseases like dementia, heart disease, and stroke, have a longer lifespan, and are happier and less depressed.”

Additional benefits include:

      • Improved sleep
      • A greater sense of purpose
      • Reduced stress
      • An overall improved quality of life

What are some of the ways in which you look forward to interacting with friends and family? How about introducing one of the following easy and fun Valentine’s Day activities into the mix?

14 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Seniors

Creating Valentine’s Day crafts can be a wonderful and enjoyable activity for seniors. Here are 14 easy Valentine’s Day crafts that are suitable for seniors:

1. Create a Heart-Shaped Wreath

Placing a homemade Valentine’s Day wreath at your front door lets neighbors know you’re in the spirit of spreading love.

      • Materials: Foam or cardboard in a heart shape, silk flowers, and ribbon. And feel free to add your own flair with tissue paper or stickers!
      • Instructions: Attach silk flowers to the heart shape using glue and add a ribbon for hanging.

2. Make Valentine’s Day Cards

This is a traditional part of Valentine’s Day that you can add your own personalized style to for each recipient.

      • Materials: Colorful construction paper (or any paper of your choice), markers, stickers, and glue.
      • Instructions: Create personalized Valentine’s Day cards with drawings, messages, and decorations. Protip: Cut out a card in the shape of a paper heart!

3. Add Candy Jar Decor

Make your sweet treats more inviting with some fun candy jar decor.

      • Materials: Glass jar, candies, and ribbon.
      • Instructions: Fill a glass jar with Valentine’s Day candies and decorate it with a festive ribbon. Bonus points if the candies are wrapped in reds, pinks, and whites.

4. Create a Romantic Movie Watch List

Aside from paper and colorful markers, no other materials are required to create a list of your favorite romantic comedies. This list can act as a fun reminder to pull out the lovey-dovey classics on Valentine’s Day and to enjoy them during a movie night with your spouse, friends, or family members. “Love Actually,” anyone?

5. Hang a Valentine’s Day Garland

You can use this garland for table decor, to hang from doorways or windows, or even to wear!

      • Materials: Colored paper, twine, and scissors.
      • Instructions: Cut out heart shapes from colored paper and string them together to create a festive garland.

6. Curate a Love Songs Playlist

What are some of your favorite love songs? “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra? How about “At Last” by Etta James? Put together a list of the classics and enjoy a listening – or even a dancing – session with those you love!

Smiling senior woman receives present box and kissing her husband for giving her a present at home

7. Put Together a Valentine’s Day Collage

Think of this activity as a sort of mood or vision board, but with  elements that are Valentine’s Day-related. It’s a creative way to brainstorm a theme and put together a unique piece of artwork while using your hands to cut out shapes, letters, and pictures.

      • Materials: Magazines, scissors, glue, and poster board.
      • Instructions: Cut out images and words related to love and create a Valentine’s Day collage by pasting them to the poster board.

8. Construct Aromatic Valentine’s Day Sachets

Smells of flowers and sweets fill the air on this holiday, and this craft is the perfect way to put together these elements for the home or the car. They make great gifts, too!

      • Materials: Fabric scraps, needle, thread, and dried lavender (other dried plants optional).
      • Instructions: Sew heart-shaped sachets filled with dried lavender and other scents.

9. Create a Valentine’s Day Centerpiece

Whether you’re preparing a romantic dinner with your spouse or a fun dinner with friends, creating a themed centerpiece ties in the spirit of the holiday.

      • Materials: Vase, artificial flowers, and heart-shaped decorations.
      • Instructions: Arrange artificial flowers in a vase and add heart-shaped decorations for a lovely centerpiece.

10. Amplify the Reading Experience with a Love-Themed Bookmark

If you or someone you love enjoys a good romantic read, add some excitement to this delightful hobby.

      • Materials: Cardstock, markers, stickers, and ribbon.
      • Instructions: Create heart-shaped bookmarks with personalized messages.

11. Assemble an Inviting Valentine’s Day Door Hanger

Another way to show off your warm and inviting personality on Valentine’s Day is to create a door hanger. Bonus points if your door has a window – as you can create a hanger that makes it look like a stained glass window!

      • Materials: Foam or cardboard, paint, tissue paper (for the stained glass effect), and ribbon.
      • Instructions: Cut out heart shapes, paint them, and attach a ribbon for hanging on doors.

12. Sew, Knit or Crochet Heart-Shaped Pot Holders

Baking a special dish for Valentine’s Day, hosting a tea party, or know someone who loves to bake and you’d like to make them the perfect gift? Look no further than a Valentine’s Day pot holder.

      • Materials: Yarn or fabric, sewing machine, batting, and crochet or knitting needle.
      • Instructions: Sew, crochet, or knit heart-shaped pot holders for a practical and heartfelt gift.

13. Impress with Love Letter Stationery

Who says the art of letter and card writing is dead? Tell someone just how much you love them with homemade, love-filled stationery.

      • Materials: Decorative paper, pens, and stickers.
      • Instructions: Design personalized stationery for writing love letters or notes.

14. Add Flair to Your Home with Valentine’s Day Pillowcases

This is another wonderful way to showcase love throughout your home on Valentine’s Day.

      • Materials: Plain pillowcases, fabric paint, and stencils.
      • Instructions: Decorate plain pillowcases with Valentine’s Day-themed designs using fabric paint and stencils.

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